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Hey there, Pickleball enthusiast, or should we say, ‘Pickleballer’? Welcome to your new favorite corner of the internet, where we take the sport of Pickleball a dill bit seriously.

If you’ve ended up here, chances are you share our passion for pickleball – that exhilarating, rapid-fire game that combines the best of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong, and adds its own unique pickle-flavored twist. If not, let us reassure you – it’s far less about pickles than you might think. And it’s definitely not about turning into a pickle à la Rick and Morty style 🤣

Our Story

Here at Pickleballer, we’re all about serving up fresh pickleball content around the clock. We’re your one-stop-shop for the latest pickleball gear, clever strategies, and piping-hot news from the pickleball universe.

Our team of dedicated bloggers is a mixed bag of casual players and full-fledged pickleball nerds who are united by one thing: an undying love for this sweet-and-sour sport. They’re committed to sharing their insights, experience, and the occasional pickleball-related pun (we can’t help it) to keep you entertained and informed.

Meet the Team

Jesse Stewart, Head Writer

First up, we have the powerhouse behind the words, Jesse Stewart. If Pickleball were a religion, Jesse would be its high priest. A sport enthusiast since his school days, Jesse found his true calling in the form of a pickleball paddle. From the moment he stepped on the court, Jesse knew he had found a match made in sporty heaven.

Jesse has been with Pickleballer since the very beginning. He’s our gear guru, always on the hunt for the latest and greatest equipment. If there’s a new paddle on the market, you can bet Jesse has tried it, reviewed it, and probably given it a nickname.

But don’t let his gear obsession fool you. Jesse is also a strategic mastermind, his game strategies are as finely tuned as a symphony. His blog posts often dive deep into the intricate tactics of the game, leaving readers with game-changing tips and insights. When Jesse isn’t busy writing for Pickleballer, you can find him on the court, turning his words into action.

Audrey Davis, Content Strategist

Next up, we have our news maven, Audrey Davis. If something’s happening in the world of Pickleball, Audrey knows about it. She’s our ear to the ground, always tuned in to the latest developments in the Pickleball world. From tournament results to rule changes, Audrey keeps us all in the loop.

Audrey discovered Pickleball somewhat by accident when she mistook it for a community ping-pong match. After realizing her error, she decided to give it a try anyway, and the rest is history. Audrey quickly fell in love with the unique sport and its welcoming community.

Her passion for writing and communication drew her to the blogosphere, where she found the perfect platform to share her newfound love. When Audrey’s not churning out compelling news pieces, she can be found practicing her dinks and volleys on the local Pickleball court, or exploring her other passion – photography. Her vibrant photos often accompany her blog posts, providing readers with a vivid glimpse into the exciting world of Pickleball.

Mike McCaul, Pickleball Sage

Meet the seasoned veteran of the team, Mike McCaul. A player since the early days of Pickleball, Mike brings years of experience and an invaluable perspective to our team. Once a professional tennis coach, Mike was intrigued by Pickleball’s mix of power, strategy, and speed, and he’s never looked back since.

Nicknamed “Old Reliable,” Mike is our voice of wisdom, often sharing lessons learned from his years on the court. His posts are rich with anecdotes, offering readers a chance to learn not just from his successes, but also his pickle-fueled mishaps. His storytelling, combined with his knack for explaining complex strategies in simple terms, makes his writing a hit among beginners and seasoned players alike.

As an older player, Mike has a particular interest in promoting Pickleball among the senior community. He’s a firm believer in the sport’s ability to promote fitness, social connection, and fun at any age. He champions the cause through his regular features on senior-friendly gear and techniques.

When Mike’s not sharing his wisdom on the blog, you can find him at his local pickleball court, hustling players half his age and serving as a testament to his belief that age is just a number in pickleball. His good-natured humor, unwavering sportsmanship, and relentless energy make him a favorite among our readers and the pickleball community.

For the Love of the Game

So go ahead, take a deep dive into our plethora of posts, maybe while munching on a dill pickle, or not. We promise we won’t judge. If you’d like to get in touch, you can always contact us here.

And remember, whether you’re here for the gear, the strategies, or the news, Pickleballer has got you covered. Because we’re not just players, we’re Pickleballers.

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