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Want to get your brand or product in front of 10,000 passionate Pickleballers?

I’ve cultivated a newsletter audience where players from all levels – from green beginners to seasoned professionals – gather to stay informed on the latest in equipment, techniques, tournaments, and trends.

Pickleballer Newsletter Metrics

  • 10,000 active subscribers
  • 65%+ average open rate 🤯
  • 20%+ average click rate 😲

Partnering with Pickleballer places your product within the heart of the pickleball community. Be seen as the go-to brand for my highly engaged audience of pickleballers who want the best.

Join me in promoting the sport we all love, while reaping the rewards of brand loyalty and increased exposure. Let me help you serve an ace in your marketing game with Pickleballer.

Ready to Go?

My pricing is transparent, no-nonsense, and self service. As soon as your ad has been paid for, I’ll reach out to schedule it in an upcoming newsletter.

Rates have been increasing as the newsletter grows, purchase a bulk package to lock in the current rate (with a discount on top).

Multi-ad packages can be ran at any frequency you’d like (we recommend weekly, or every other week).

Example Ad

I offer one ad placement, a native “story” right after the daily tip. It can include a heading, up to 150 words + 1 image, and a call to action button.

After your ad runs, I’ll send over a metrics report so you can see how many pickleballers saw and clicked on your advertisement.

Here’s an example:

Interested in something else? Have a question?

I do not “hop on calls,” offer trial ad placements, accept affiliate-only offers, or entertain tire kickers. I keep things pretty simple to save time for us both, all of the important details should be found above…

Pay for your ad, I’ll send over a form so you can submit the ad copy/image/link/preferred run date, and I publish your ad. It ain’t rocket science 🚀🤣

If you feel that you have a reasonable question that hasn’t been answered, or you’d like to propose a different ad placement (on my website for example), you’re welcome to reach out.

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