Course Review: The Drop Shot Masterclass

Course Review The Drop Shot Masterclass

Want to learn everything about drop shot but can’t physically attend lessons? Good thing there’s the Drop Shot Masterclass! They offer online training programs that could be laser-focused and broken down to its simplest form. Anyone can easily comprehend while being at the comfort of your home.

Drop Shot Modules

Upon enrolling at the online class, you will only have to make a one-time $147 payment that has a 30-day guarantee. This is in contrast to other physical sessions that will cost you around a thousand dollars. Along with this payment are eight modules to help you learn the basics, as well as the tips and tricks to be a better player. These modules include:

Module 0: The FUNdamentals. This module talks about the basics wherein the speaker goes over many topics that newbie players might not be familiar with. If you are a newbie player, this will be helpful for you. On the other hand, you might find some similarities with other racket sports and use those to develop your technique. While not everything might not apply to you, it will be helpful to go over the basics before proceeding with the rest of the lessons.

Module 1: When NOT to Use the Drop Shot. Like most tools, there are times when a drop shoot should not be used. This module talks about the right purposes and the instances to use a drop shot. It will also tell you when you should not use a drop shot. Remember that there are times when using a drop shot by itself is the worst you can do.

Module 2: Diagramming the Perfect Drop Shot. With this module, you will understand how you should aim. The module will show you the broken down dimensions of a great drop shot. It will help improve your aim during your chance. If you get to know what you should look for, you will know whether your shot was right or not before it even gets to cross the net. Doing so will buy you more time for your next shot.

Module 3: 3 Secrets to Sinking a Great Drop Shot. In this module, you will learn the step for making a good drop shot. These techniques are the same ones taught by professionals on the court. You will also learn about the common mistakes that most players commit so that you can avoid them.

Module 4: When All Goes Well. This module will teach you what to do after you hit a great drop shot. It will prepare you to beat weaker opponents and endure stronger ones.

Module 5: When It All Goes Wrong. This module will teach you what to do if your luck fell short and you were not able to hit a good shot. It will show you what to do before it goes completely wrong.

Module 6: Where to Place Your Drop Shot & How to Hit a Backhand Drop Shot. With this module, you will learn where you should place a good drop shot. It will be helpful for you as a beginner and when you are trying to develop a style. It also teaches you to cover a backhand drop shot and standard forehand shot in case your partner fails to.

Module 7: Your Training Drills – After learning the basics and some techniques, you will be prepared for your court performance. The module will talk about seven drills that support one another. These drills will help you combine all the skills you will need to create an excellent drop shot.

Bonus Modules

Flex Trainer

Not only are there eight modules to improve your gameplay. There are also additional modules that will give you other perks. Apart from growing and developing your skills, these bonus lessons would instruct you how to deal with the different players on the court. The three bonus modules are:

How to Play Against Bangers: 3 Techniques for Slowing the Ball Down

– “How to play against bangers?” is a commonly asked question. With this, you will learn how to deal with them using a drop shot. A drop shot is an effective strategy that you can use against bangers. It will be harder for them to bang an excellent drop shot. This video will teach you a way to slow a ball down, regardless of how hard a banger might hit it.T

The “Master Your Tournament Jitter” Mindset Audio Training

After listening to this audio, you will find yourself a lot calmer and confident. This training will address the usual mindset that players have about missing a shot, or deciding the results of the game before it finishes.

Access to a Private, Students-Only Facebook Group and Dropshot Masterclass Community

Aside from the students, the instructor will also be part of the group where he can comment and answer questions. There will also be occasional facebook live streams for you to ask questions. The group comes with active players that will motivate you to become one too.

Know If It’s For You

Now that you are aware of the inclusions, it’s time to assess whether this program will be appropriate for you. While this class sounds like the answer to the pickleball performance you are dreaming of, it is not for everyone. If you find yourself struggling to create contact with the ball, it’s not recommended that you apply for this program.

Another exception is if you have difficulties keeping it inside the court. Lastly, when you are already at the 4.5 level in the tournament play, or the Ratings & Goals Guide provided.

If you are either of the following, then you might want to register in the drop shot masterclass right this instant:

The Eager Newbie – If you are a newbie when it comes to playing pickleball and you want to be good in the shortest time possible, then this course is perfect for you.

The Sharp-Witted Senior – If you are a senior who knows you can’t beat the younger ones with sheer speed and power, you might want to start working on a strategy instead. Knowing how to create an excellent drop shot will help you keep up with other younger players in the court.

The 3.0-3.5 Medal Winner – You are the kind of player that has been competitive and skilled enough. However, you want to improve your skills to the next level by winning against more opponents. A drop shot masterclass will take you there and earn you more medals.

If you’re determined on improving your gameplay and willing to learn to execute a winning drop shot, it’s for you. It will include do’s and don’ts as well as the drills to practice.

Customer Reviews

Other students also gave their two cents about how the program worked for them. Most of them experienced dramatic improvements that made their play better and won them more medals.

Chris Allen, the host of The Pickleball Show, commented that only the drop shot technique would improve your game rather than a consistent and effective third shot. He even called the program “the keys to the kingdom” because of its easy-to-follow training.

On the other hand, John Conner from Sebastian, FL advised that people enroll in the course because of Prem’s knowledge and ability to bring out the best player in you. Conner, despite watching instructional videos about executing a drop shot on YouTube, only observed progress once he started his lessons with Prem.

The USAPA Ambassador from Chesterfield and Richmond, Va, Linda Scott, also shared how she felt confident in her play after following the instructions from the module. Like Conner, she also had a lot of lessons from reviewing YouTube videos. This is in addition to the clinics that she has attended before. She also purchased training manuals and got coached by 5.0 players. However, she found Prem’s lessons to be the most effective out of everything.


While most people cannot win a pickleball match using agility and strength, a drop shot might be the most effective way to win the court. With testimonies and comprehensive lessons that are focused and easy to understand, you can also create a great drop shot. For only $147, you can get eight streaming video on-court assignments, eight video training modules, audio files for the training modules, pdf slides for easy understanding, and many more perks!

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