The Equipment You’ll Need To Play Pickleball

For those who are seeking a lightweight sport that can easily be learned , pickleball would be a great choice since the rules are quite simple and easy to understand. Regardless of age or level of expertise, this paddle sport could be enjoyed by anyone. Having suitable pickleball equipment makes a lot of difference, and it can help you enjoy the sport and perform well.

Pickleball is a combination of ping-pong, badminton, and tennis so it makes sense that a special paddle is required to play the game. Choosing the right paddle has its benefits. Using the right pickleball gear will help improve comfort, ease, and performance. Let us explore the list of pickleball equipment to learn about their features and functionality.

Don’t worry, the Pickleball equipment should be easy to find. There are places online or brick and mortar stores that offer complete pickleball gear. Here are some of the basic pickleball equipment:

The Pickleball Paddle

The Pickleball paddle, also known as a bat, is used for hitting the ball. It closely resembles a table-tennis paddle but is much larger in size. The paddle itself has rounded edges and a sturdy handle.

Originally, pickleball paddles used to be made of wood. However, in recent times, materials that are as light as aluminum are used in the production of pickleball paddles. Choosing the best pickleball paddle will depend entirely on your level of comfort.

Keep in mind to select a paddle that is durable and reliable, not something that could easily rip apart during a game. When buying a Pickleball paddle, you might want to consider the following:

  • Avoid purchasing cheap paddles. Paddles like this are usually made from low quality, and cheap materials are not durable. It is much ideal to have equipment that can withstand the test of time.

  • Choose the right material for your paddle. Pickleball manufacturers use different types of materials like wood, aluminum, or graphite. Typically, paddles that are made of light wood less durable. If you are a beginner to this game, aluminum paddles will suit you best.

  • Check the weight of the paddle before purchasing. Most pickleball players choose lighter paddles than the heavier ones. The ideal weight for paddles should be around the range of 6 to 14 ounces. A much heavier paddle will not mean that it would last longer.
  • Check the grip of the paddle. You need to have a paddle that you can comfortably grip in order to enhance your effectiveness in sending the ball back to your opponent. If the grip is too big, it can cause the paddle to slip in your hand and can strain your elbow.

Indoor And Outdoor Pickleball

Another special pickleball equipment that you would need is the ball. Pickleball is a bit similar to wiffle balls. They are lightweight and has holes which improve its aerodynamics. There are two types of pickleball that are used for different purposes. First, the indoor pickleball has larger holes helps to slow it down when it is hit.

The second type is the outdoor pickleball which has smaller holes. They can come in different colors like pink, green, white, etc. The bright colors improve the ball’s visibility in the court making it easier to hit.

The Pickleball Net

Pickleball uses nets that look similar to those used to play tennis. It divides the playing court into two equal parts. The net is 36 inches high on both ends and 34 inches high in the middle. There are pickleball courts with fixed pickleball nets in place, however, when one is not available, you can use a portable pickleball net instead. Pickleball nets are mostly made with synthetic fiber and are very easy to fold and store. Keep in mind to purchase nets that are made of quality materials.

Pickleball Bags and Covers

Pickleball bags and covers are made to store and protect your pickleball equipment when not in use. Paddle covers are essential especially for those who use paddles made from aluminum panels. The covers will help ensure that it stays free of dust and moisture. Single covers are used to protect not only pickleball paddles but also the ball and net. A duffle bag is also useful in carrying your pickleball gear. It makes it easier to transport your pickleball equipment wherever you need it–whether it’s an indoor or outdoor game.

Clothing and Apparel

Like any other sports, pickleball is better played wearing the appropriate clothing since there are a lot of movements and effort involved while playing. It is highly recommended that you dress in clothes that are loose and breathable. Thick or heavy fabrics may restrict your movement and cause physical strain. In choosing your clothing, you need to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible as you move around the court.

Shoes are also essential when playing Pickleball. For Pickleball, you will need shoes that have a proper grip and fit. It is crucial to wear shoes that are also comfortable. Look for sports shoes that fit your feet and ankles perfectly as this will help you to move freely and swiftly without putting you at risk of getting injured.

Standard Pickleball Court

Similar to the dimensions of a standard badminton court for doubles, a pickleball court measures 20 feet by 44 feet. The net stands right in the center, 36 inches high from both posts and 34 inches at the middle. The minimum size of the playing area should be 30 feet wide, and 60 feet long. Its outer courts are divided using service lines. The non-volley zone is a 7-foot zone on both sides of the pickleball net. Within this area, there are no volleying or smashes permitted.

Buying The Complete Pickleball Gear

For those who want to try out the sport or those who play occasionally, purchasing only some of the essential equipment is enough. But, if you plan to take up the sport as a regular recreational activity, buying a full set is preferred. Once you’ve got everything, you can also look for additional gears or accessories like extra paddle grips, court tape, rebounder net, ball collector, etc.

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