How To Choose A Pickleball Paddle

To play pickleball, you need to use a good quality paddle. Pickleball paddles come in a wide range of styles, designs, colors, materials, and weight. To be able to play the game well, you need to choose the right pickleball paddle that suits your style.

To clarify, Pickleball is non-seasonal and since time and season are not a factor, players have the liberty to decide whether to play indoors or outdoors. If you’re playing with your friends, it’s great to come to a consensus before playing. It’s also excellent to know the difference and benefits of indoor and outdoor courts. Read further to understand the advantages and disadvantages of different playing courts.

Why Do You Need The Ideal Pickleball Paddle?

Every player will use the same ball and net. If the ball being used is not of the best quality; having a paddle that’s perfect for your style will help you adapt. This is also true if the net has some flaws since you can compensate by using a paddle that you are comfortable with. Meanwhile, if you’re not using the right type of paddle for your gameplay, you may not be able to compensate for any flaws that the ball and net may have. You might even suffer from an injury if you are not careful.

What Are The Factors To Consider When Buying Pickleball Paddles?

When shopping for the best pickleball equipment, consider affordable and straightforward pieces such as:

  • Pickleball shoes – preferably a comfortable pair that you’ll find easy to move in.
  • Light clothes – you need light and comfortable clothes that you’ll be able to move in.
  • Pickleball net – it should be a substantial net made of quality materials.
  • Pickleball paddle – choose a comfortable paddle that’s easy to maneuver in.

You must consider the following factors when shopping for the ideal pickleball paddle:

Grip Size

Paddles come in different sizes. Therefore, it’s imperative that you choose a paddle that fits your grip. A large paddle with a large grip may not be the best paddle for you because this could easily slip from your hand. A loose grip may also result in injury.

Most pickleball players prefer paddles with a smaller grip because these are easier to hold, therefore improving the movement of the wrist and enhancing control and spin.

To get the best grip size, use a chart or use a measuring tape to determine the distance between your palm’s middle crease and the tip of your ring finger. If your grip size falls in between the two points then a paddle with a smaller grip. A smaller grip will give you the enhanced control of the paddle.

You may also use an overgrip–a soft padding taped around the paddle grip. This prevents slipping of the paddle from your hand.


Selkirk Latitude Widebody Composite Pickleballe Paddle

The weight of the pickleball paddle is significant. Usually, paddles weigh about 6 to 12 ounces. Paddles heavier than 12 ounces are more challenging to maneuver and can severely affect your performance. On the other hand, lighter paddles are not better than heavier ones.

The weight of the paddle should vary according to your age. That being said, children use lighter paddles while heavier paddles are best for adults. You also need to consider your level of expertise and overall comfort when choosing the best pickleball paddle.

Advantages Of A Heavier Paddle

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Heavier paddles enhance your ability to make power shots with reduced control to the paddle. However, the additional weight may put a strain on your arm and affect your performance overall. Heavier paddles may be an advantage for novice and weaker players because it improves power and helps them hit the ball faster with minimal effort.

Advantages Of A Lighter Paddle

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Lighter paddles are more comfortable to maneuver and will also provide enhanced control. However, extremely light paddles will affect your power and accuracy since your arms and your elbows will vibrate more often due to the reduced weight.

Additionally, you may find it hard to make deep shots with lighter paddles. Remember that making deep shots is one of the most crucial pickleball strategies.

Length Of The Handle

Pickleball paddles come in different lengths. Usually, paddles with longer handles have a shortened face. As much as possible, use a paddle with longer handles if you are new to this game. This will be more comfortable to use, and easier to control. Longer handles will also improve the balance of the paddle, providing players with enhanced stability.


Pickleball is both an indoor and outdoor game so you must choose paddles made from the best quality materials and have guaranteed durability. For outdoor pickleball players, the ideal paddle should have protective edges to secure the part of the paddle that comes in contact with the ball as well as rough surfaces. Some updated paddles come with ultraviolet protection to prevent UV light damage.


The price of the pickleball paddle should also be considered especially if you are on a budget. The most affordable paddles are made of wood which cost only a few dollars. Wooden paddles are perfect for beginners and also for children. If you intend to share the paddle with other people, then you should choose a wooden paddle.

An alternative to wooden paddles are paddles made from stronger materials such as graphite, composite, aluminum, and other high-quality materials. These paddles are more expensive compared to basic wooden paddles.


The pickleball paddle color may not be as important as other factors, but for anyone who wants to match his outfit with his paddle color, this is a very crucial factor. Pickleball paddles come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and options.

Choose colors that appear professional and make you look like an advanced player. Professional-looking paddles can create a better impression of you even if you are just new to the game. Vibrant, trendy colors will boost your confidence as well.

There are also rules regarding pickleball paddle colors. An example is a rule against yellow paddles or wearing yellow colors during a match accredited by the USAPA. It’s very difficult to see the ball against a yellow background; therefore, players are advised to use colors other than yellow.  


In general, aluminum pickleball paddles are ideal for beginners. And as your level of expertise improves, you can opt for paddles made from graphite. However, graphite paddles are known to be the most expensive. Follow these tips, and you’ll be on your way to get the best pickleball paddle that suits your needs.

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