Paddletek Tempest Wave II Paddle Review

Years of experience in the field of pickleball gives me an advantage when it comes to showing the real features and performance of a paddle. That’s why I’m excited to share my review of the Paddletek Tempest Wave II – one of the best paddles on the market, with a great feel and control that can give a real edge in pickleball.

Price: $$$$$ (The High-quality Graphite surface and Tempest PolyCore is worth the extra expense.)

Weight: 7.4 – 7.8 oz

Core Type: Tempest PolyCore

Paddle Face Material: Graphite

What I like: The feel of the Tempest Wave II is simply sublime.

What I don’t: The power of the paddle is average and you’ll need to work a little harder if you want to get those powerful shots.

Pickleballer’s Rating: 4.7 out of 5

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I’ve had lots of time to test this paddle out on the court and get a sense of its performance. In this review, I’ll be discussing all the features of this model as well as my experience using it in real matches so you can make an informed decision about whether or not it’s worth investing in.

Feel and Control

I was impressed by how great the Tempest Wave II felt while I was playing on the court. It has a 7.4-7.8 oz weight, which gives it great balance and control when playing shots around the court. I found this paddle easier to maneuver than the heavier pro version of Tempest Wave that I tried before.

I could feel the control that the Tempest Wave II had even when playing shots close to the net, allowing me to place my shots with precision. Even the dink shots were much easier to make with this paddle, which is a great advantage for players looking for an edge in the game.

High-Quality Paddle Face

When I touched the paddle face of the Tempest Wave II, I was amazed at how smooth and durable it felt. It made a strong impression on me right away due to its graphite outer cover and Tempest PolyCore. The core is designed in such a way that it gives great ball control while also giving players a great feel when smashing shots.

Defending against fast shots is also much easier with this paddle due to its high-quality graphite face. I was also happy to note that the paddle face didn’t have any weird vibrations when I played shots with it, making sure that my strokes were smooth and consistent every time. I did not observe any signs of wear and tear on the paddle, even after months of regular use.

Perforated Grip

The grip of the paddle is also great and I could tell that Paddletek paid attention to detail when designing it. The perforated design helps to prevent sweat on your hands when hitting strong shots and keeps your grip steady while playing.

The grip size measures 4.25”, which I found to be quite comfortable and perfect for my hands. With a 5.25″ grip length, I was able to choose the most comfortable way of holding while playing shots.

What We Like

  • PolyCore in Tempest Wave II ensures there are no vibrations to worry about.
  • Graphite face gives great control when playing shots.
  • The perforated grip helps to keep your hands dry and the grip steady.
  • The Paddle has an excellent balance and weight for increased control.

What We Don’t Like

  • Power can be slightly lacking when playing strong shots.

About the Brand

Paddletek is a leader in the pickleball paddle industry, making quality paddles with great performance. There are 3 categories of paddles – the Bantam, Tempest, and Phoenix series. 

What I found unique and impressive about their products is that they offer customization options on Bantam and Phoenix Series, which makes them stand out from the competition. You can select everything according to your preference – from the grip type, paddle face material and core, to the design and weight. 

Paddletek began as a small family business inspired by a love of the game and a vision for improving paddle technology. We’ve since grown into one of the leading names in pickleball, but our mission remains the same: helping you reach the next level of play.

Additionally, there are apparel and gear accessories available to complement your pickleball kit. The customer service I found to be great when I contacted them for inquiries about their products.

Where to Buy Paddletek Tempest Wave II

The Paddletek Tempest Wave II is a high-quality pickleball paddle with a graphite face and PolyCore that provides excellent control and feel to you. The paddle has great holding power, and its perforated grip is helpful in maintaining your grip while playing.

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