Top 10 Pickleball Training Aids

There are various sports that you can get involved in, but these days, more and more people are getting interested in playing pickleball. You play this sport on a badminton-sized court with a paddle and a plastic ball with many holes. This racket sport may not be as popular as tennis or badminton, but it sure is fun and healthy to do.

To learn how to play pickleball properly, you will have to get certain pieces of equipment and training aids that you will need. For starters, it is essential to have a paddle that is slightly bigger than a pingpong paddle. There are numerous products available that can help you improve your pickleball skills and techniques. 

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Important Considerations

When shopping for pickleball training aids, you’ll want to be sure to keep an eye out for these important features.

  • Appropriate: Since pickleball is similar to both tennis and ping-pong, the pieces of equipment used are also related. You have to know whether the product you are buying is the right size and material for this specific sport or not. 
  • Durable: Playing this sport involves plenty of hitting. To be able to use the training aids for a more extended period, you have to make sure that the products are sturdy and durable. 
  • Functionality: A lot of the items available in the market have the same function, but there are a few that have specific use. Make sure that what you choose to buy is what you need specifically to avoid any unnecessary costs. 

We’ve done the research and read hundreds of customer reviews to bring your curated list of the top 10 pickleball training aids.

Our Top 10 Pickleball Training Aids: A Deep Dive

#1: TOURNA Pickleball Deluxe Caddy with Wheels (Editor’s Choice!)

Instead of continuously bending over to get the balls from the ground after the play is dead, get TOURNA Pickleball Deluxe Caddy with Wheels now. This item is lightweight and durable and enables you to pick up both indoor and outdoor balls using the rolling bars at the bottom.  With this item, you can save yourself the hassle of picking them up, and it also helps you gain access to more balls quickly.

TOURNA Pickleball Deluxe Caddy with Wheels
  1. Ease of use for all ages
  2. Patented locking system
  3. Assembled easily and promptly
  4. Secure Transport
  5. Can hold 50 indoor or 45 outdoor Pickleballs

Customers Say…

Many customers who purchased TOURNA Pickleball Deluxe Caddy with Wheels are delighted with it. A lot have said that a ball never pops out of the caddy and can easily pick up any ball as long as you pick a ball up one at a time. Additionally, reviews say that the crate is a great place to store the Pickleballs at times that they were not playing. 

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#2: Onix Pure 2 Outdoor Pickleball Ball

When you are training for a Pickleball game or competition, you will need to haveOnix Pure 2 Outdoor Pickleball Ball which are specifically designed and optimized for pickleball. You will need to practice both indoors and outdoors, and these balls are perfect for training outside. They have a higher weight than indoor balls so that they can withstand the strong winds outdoor and fly straighter. .

Onix Pure 2 Outdoor Pickleball Ball
  1. True Flight Technology
  2. Consistent bounce with Authentic Bounce Technology
  3. Most durable pickleball ball on the market
  4. Superior balance with smaller holes
  5. Withstands extreme outdoor environment

Customers Say…

Reviews on the Onix Pure 2 Outdoor Pickleball Ball say that these are the best Pickleball balls since they are incredibly durable. They say that the outdoor balls are more fun to play with than the indoor ones because of how well they bounce off the paddles. Though they are of higher quality plastic, their size and material make it a wrong choice for ball machines as they ruin the plastic.

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#3: TOURNA Rally Pro Adjustable Tilt Rebound Net

There will be times when you need to practice on your own, and the TOURNA Rally Pro Adjustable Tilt Rebound Net will help you with your solo training. This net allows you to practice your strokes and techniques for hours. You can set this up almost anywhere with sufficient space and adjust the angles to your liking. 

TOURNA Rally Pro Adjustable Tilt Rebound Net
  1. Adjustable tilt
  2. Increased hitting surface (7 feet high x 7 feet wide)
  3. Easily assembled
  4. Perfect for beginners
  5. Allows stroke practice

Customers Say…

The TOURNA Rally Pro Adjustable Tilt Rebound Net has received mostly positive reviews from its customers. They say that it is excellent for practicing the strokes and when situated in front of the wall, it provides quicker rebound. Though it does its purpose, it is not an excellent choice for professional players..

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#4: Boulder Portable Net for Pickleball

When you don’t have a particular court to play or practice on, you can build a court anywhere if you have the Boulder Portable Net for Pickleball.  You can set-up anywhere you want to with this item. You can use this net for various sports other than pickleball like soccer, tennis, badminton, or volleyball..

Boulder Portable Net for Pickleball
  1. Transportable
  2. Easy set-up
  3. Durable
  4. Rust-resistant
  5. Adjustable

Customers Say…

Most of the customers were extremely happy with theBoulder Portable Net for Pickleball. They confirm that setting up the net was quick and easy and that they particularly appreciated how they could easily adjust it to play different games. Some mentioned that they were missing some pieces in the package and that some materials were not as fabulous as they expected it to be.

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#5: Oncourt Offcourt TAPUT Pop-Up Tennis Targets

During training, you will have to practice on targeting and being precise and accurate about your shots with the Oncourt Offcourt TAPUT Pop-Up Tennis Targets. This product serves this purpose as it allows you to focus on a particular area to target. Continuous targeting will make you get used to it and eventually make you a better shot.

Oncourt Offcourt TAPUT Pop-Up Tennis Targets
  • Impact-resistant nylon
  • Durable metal frame
  • Comes with a nylon case for storage
  • Can be used for other sports such as tennis or baseball
  • 22-inch diameter opening 

Customers Say…

Reviews say that the Oncourt Offcourt TAPUT Pop-Up Tennis Targets can be of great help to players who wish to improve their shot precision. It is an excellent training tool for beginners, but customers say that it is difficult to fold back into the bag. They do confirm that the item can be easily attached.

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#6: Franklin Sports Pickleball Court Marker Kit

If you have no court that is not measured up for pickleball, you can purchase Franklin Sports Pickleball Court Marker Kit. Using this item, you can make necessary markings to indicate the measurements needed according to Pickleball standards. With this, you can transform any area or court into one that is suitable for pickleball.

 Franklin Sports Pickleball Court Marker Kit
  1. Easily wiped off after use
  2. Highly visible with bright yellow colors
  3. Transportable
  4. Contains 4 L-shaped and 8 T-shaped markers
  5. Flexible markers

Customers Say…

Reviews were mostly good, saying that the Franklin Sports Pickleball Court Marker Kit was a suitable replacement for the objects they usually use to indicate the corners and borders. They like the product because they can use it both outdoors and indoors. Although one mentioned that the shape didn’t come out as a perfect square, all the other customers were satisfied with it.

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#7: TOURNA Hipster Ball Band

While you are practicing pickleball, you will get tired of running or bending over to get more balls. With TOURNA Hipster Ball Band, that won’t be an issue anymore because you can store some with you. Using this product will make your training even more efficient.

TOURNA Hipster Ball Band
  1. Stretches to fit around your waist
  2. Unique compression design 
  3. Multiple sizes available (S, M, L, XL)
  4. Holds at least two extra balls
  5. Imported materials: 90% cotton, 10% other fibers

Customers Say…

Most of the customers that bought the TOURNA Hipster Ball Band were happy with it. Reviews say that they appreciated how the band could hold an average of 3 balls without hindering their performance. They also mentioned that using this product helped them avoid balls falling on the ground during games, which allowed them to keep the play going.

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#8: Handy Hopper

Trainers know very well how vital it is to have multiple balls ready for drills during training and the Handy Hopper can help you with that. It allows your coach to store up to 34 easily accessible balls. This item is ideal for traveling coaches.

 Handy Hopper
  1. Expandable pouch
  2. Holds up to 34 pickleball balls
  3. Exceptionally durable materials
  4. Fits comfortably around the waist
  5. Accessible

Customers Say…

The Handy Hopper has left many happy and satisfied customers. Buyers mentioned that it is convenient and serves its purpose well. However, one did say that they wanted the structure of the product to be better made.

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#9: Flex Trainer

To have the appropriate posture for playing pickleball, you will have to learn how to bend your knees more and move around in a lower stance with the Flex Trainer. This item helps you with that specific problem. Learning the correct position allows you to perform even better with more efficient movement.

Flex Trainer
  1. Comes with six bands
  2. Adjustable to three different resistance strengths
  3. Heavy stitching
  4. Adjustable Velcro
  5. Comfortable to wear

Customers Say…

The Flex Trainer unquestionably helps players to bend their knees for improved mobility as customers give excellent reviews on the product. They say that it executes its use flawlessly. Many have commented that velcro is slightly stiff around the ankles and needs a more stable attachment to the legs.

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#10:  Lobster Pickleball Machine

Lobster Pickleball Machine allows you to practice on your strokes continuously. Repetitive movement allows your body to remember the motion and thus make you a better player. The machine is beneficial, especially when there is no one else who can help you train. .

Lobster Pickleball Machine
  1. Adjustable topspin and backspin capabilities
  2. Random throwing pattern
  3. Battery-operated
  4. Lightweight
  5. Transportable

Customers Say…

Generally, the product is beyond satisfactory to customers. They say that it is much better than other throwing machines that they have previously bought or used. There is one customer that expressed his disappointment as his Lobster Pickleball Machine threw two balls at once..

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Final Thoughts

You can now go through your pickleball training much quicker with these listed training aids. You can go through each of the product and review its uses to see if you need them. Remember to check its appropriateness, durability, and functionality to get your money’s worth. Never settle for mediocre items as they will only disappoint you in the end. 

The TOURNA Pickleball Deluxe Caddy with Wheels is the product that pickleball players should have. Everyone knows how tiring it is to bend over repeatedly to get the balls off the ground. This caddy will make your training less tiring by giving you easier access to the ball supply. Also, it can store up to 45 pickleball balls.