Where to Play Pickleball: Indoors or Outdoors

Pickleball has successfully gained popularity as a sport and has gotten a lot of people addicted to it. The game is also beginning to make waves around the world and is a fast-growing game in the US. With its popularity, you will find different leagues and tournaments and playing courts available almost anywhere. However, the question remains whether to play Pickleball indoors or outdoors.

To clarify, Pickleball is non-seasonal and since time and season are not a factor, players have the liberty to decide whether to play indoors or outdoors. If you’re playing with your friends, it’s great to come to a consensus before playing. It’s also excellent to know the difference and benefits of indoor and outdoor courts. Read further to understand the advantages and disadvantages of different playing courts.

Indoor Pickleball Courts

Benefits of Indoor Pickleball Courts

An indoor court is an enclosed area, which allows you to play whenever you want. Aside from being safe, here are some general reasons to play in an indoor pickleball court:

  1. It is accessible regardless of the time or season, no matter how terrible it is.
  2. You will not have to battle conditions like wind or sunlight, which limits your ball tracking effectiveness.
  3. Playing in the court gives a consistent environment. There is no risk of having your game halted by natural elements or sudden changes in the weather.

For professional or consistent players, the benefits of indoor pickleball courts are undeniable. The court includes a normalized setting, which allows you to play with more precision. You also get a better understanding of your performance since natural elements are not a factor.

Disadvantages of Indoor Playing Court

The advantages of playing indoor don’t necessarily imply that there are no drawbacks in playing indoors. Here are some of the downsides that you might encounter:

  1. Indoor pickleball is noisy, especially in an indoor environment where there are multiple courts and lots of players active on them. A facility full of players will also distract you during matches.
  2. If you are someone sensitive to noise, then, adapting to an indoor court could prove to be difficult. The sound from different ball echoing off different paddles might distract you.
  3. The court itself may also be a problem due to more number of lines in the floor. You can get into a state of confusion or can have difficulties with seeing the line.


Advantages of Outdoor Playing Court

There are excellent sides to engaging in a game of pickleball outside. Playing on the outside means exposing yourself to the environment. In playing outdoor, most benefits are health-focused. Here are some examples:

  1. Outdoor playing court includes exposure to sunlight, which gives lots of benefits like the following:
    • It helps in producing essential vitamins like Vitamin D
    • It aids in the production of serotonin, which will make you feel good during the match.
  2. The court is less noisy as compared to playing on an indoor pickleball court.

Take note that staying on the outside for too long can irritate and may bake you. However, if you want to get a good daily dose of sunlight every day, then, outdoor pickleball is an excellent choice.

Disadvantages of Outdoor Playing Court

The only things that can limit your play in outdoor courts are the following:

  • Environmental conditions and elements (wind or sand)
  • Weather conditions (extreme heat or cold)

Although these supposed disadvantages exist, it all depends on the location that you reside in the world. People in more favorable climes will enjoy outdoor pickleball games than persons living in very harsh climates.

Establishing a balance

To have a more balanced experience, you should attempt to play on both courts if necessary. If you notice that the weather outside is perfect, try to play on the outside pickleball court with your friends. However, with the weather looks harsh, you can play on the inside pickleball court for more safety.

Two Facility Types

Pickleball doesn’t require a lot of equipment. Here’s a list of what you need to start enjoying this sports craze.

There are two facility types where you can play a pickleball match when you don’t have a backyard court.

There are public and private courts that are available in your area.

Public Court

Here are some facts that you need to know about public courts:

  1. Public courts have the support of taxpayers’ money, and the State maintains it.
  2. Some courts ask for donations, but most public pickleball one is free.
  3. Pickleball courts are near tennis courts, which is an economically beneficial move for your State.

Private Court

Private pickleball courts are the property of entrepreneurs, and you will find lots of amenities. You will have access to more facilities like:

  • Equipment
  • Court reservations
  • Access to quality refreshment
  • Locker rooms

However, the facilities available depend on the management. Private facilities may either be an indoor facility or an outdoor facility. Some facilities contain both indoor and other pickleball courts.

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